We are so glad you are here.  We hope to meet you soon and begin growing toward Christ together through Worship, His Word, our Walk, and serving the World together.  While you’re here consider yourselves family because we have been expecting you….

Worship Defined

Expressing my love to God. The purpose of worship in the church is to provide opportunities for the corporate glorification of God. “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.” Matthew 4:10 “…the Father seeks worshipers…and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” John 4:23-24

Everything Flows from Worship

Red is Worship/Heart.  Everything flows from Worship.  You start attending worship in the congregation. Then you are worshiping along side others and then you are in daily worship.

Blue is Word/Head.  The Word of God… the truth… the living water!  You  may start attending Bible Studies, then teaching Bible Studies to a daily student of the Word.

Green is Walk/Habits.  Through our walk we create relationships and the best way to do that at Connect Church is to join a Connect Group.  The journey starts by joining a group, then leading a group and then creating relationships outside of church.  Spreading the gospel by connecting with others around you.  Neighbors, co-workers… cashier at Wal-Mart.  Help People find and follow Jesus!

Yellow is World/Hands.  With our hands we can serve.  You are more than a volunteer you are a team of servants for the Kingdom.  You are expanding the Kingdom by filling backpacks with food, teaching Connect kids classes or helping someone in the building from the parking lot.  We are all the hands and feet of Christ.  You start this by joining a serve team, leading a serve team and then everything you do becomes serving others.

Serving becomes Worship and the cycle starts over.   We are in a constant state of change because “GROWING PEOPLE CHANGE”.

Real Worship

Real worship is anything but boring. The very essence of what worship is does not allow us to be bored. When we come before the majestic God of the universe, who has created everything and has done amazing things in our lives, we can’t help but break out into adoration. Worship should always incorporate two elements: rejoicing and reverence. perhaps most importantly, worship must lead to a response. This is why we give God glory and then turn to His word so that He may speak and our hearts are open to respond. If we don’t respond, we risk becoming hardened before Him. God alone is the object of worship. He is mentioned by name or by pronoun in every stanza except verses 11-12. Worship means to “fall on your face or bow down” and is found more than 170 times in the Bible. We recognize our place before God and acknowledge His position before us. Worship is when we recognize who He is and who we are…

When are we to Worship?

We are commanded to Love God and Love People. We are the watchman…We are sounding the alarm…We should love people into the Kingdom. We also must love what Jesus loves. People, hurting people…weak people…sinful people… It takes a special mindset, motivation and heart to do that. My role is to equip you, as much as you partner, to do the work of ministry. To have the right mind and heart and motivation, worship comes first. Your love and reach will never rise higher than your worship.


Our Process to Worship

Corporate – Serving During Worship – Daily Worshipper



We believe the home is the discipleship process that God instituted and that churches were to come alongside to equip marriages, dads and moms to be the primary spiritual leader to the next generation. It is not enough to have a great ministry at church. Connect Church wants to equip you to ‘make disciples’ not just make a disciple of you. Only then will the hypocrisy and irrelevance be diminished. 


Each week, you will have access to a resource called Connect 20. It is for individual disciples, marriages and parents so that faith can be developed in you and give you a tool to ‘help others find and follow Jesus’. 

The following weeks sermon will be developed from the weeks study. We would ask that each person in your home work through their 20 minutes and the have a discussion (length determined by you) with anyone else in your home; Husbands leading wives and parents leading children. Connect Groups will also be studying alongside the sermons each week; families leading families. 


The prayer room is open everyday, but if you would like to join the prayer team.  Either join them at 6pm every Wednesday in the prayer room behind the Sanctuary. 

11 + 6 =


There are so many ways to serve others at Connect Church.  When we serve others we are serving God, and when we serve for the soul purpose to point everyone to Jesus they see Him and not us.


 We would love to met you!  Let us know when you plan to visit and we will make sure you have someone to guide you through your visit.

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