We Need Each other

Connections are important

Why are connections important?

Connections are foundational.
At the core of our living and breathing.  Everything we are is connected within itself…
Connections are creational.
We have a longing for belonging.  Without connections, life is empty…
Connections are required.
Love matters most.  Love God, Love People…
Connections bring understanding.
Our life is only one piece of a much larger puzzle.
Connections are empowering.
Power comes through connections.
Connections facilitate growth.
We are spurred on by sharing life with each other.
Connections creates balance.
Proper relationships bring out proper perspectives and priorities.
Connections establish security.
The more connected a person is, the more confident they are.
Connections produce productivity.
Your influence capacity is determined by your personal connections…
Connections are learned not natural.
Our natural response is to live in isolation. But we come alive in community…

Through our Walk relationships are formed

Red is Worship/Heart.  Everything flows from Worship.  You start attending worship in the congregation. Then you are worshiping along side others and then you are in daily worship.

Blue is Word/Head.  The Word of God… the truth… the living water!  You  may start attending Bible Studies, then teaching Bible Studies to a daily student of the Word.

Green is Walk/Habits.  Through our walk we create relationships and the best way to do that at Connect Church is to join a Connect Group.  The journey starts by joining a group, then leading a group and then creating relationships outside of church.  Spreading the gospel by connecting with others around you.  Neighbors, co-workers… cashier at Wal-Mart.  Help People find and follow Jesus!

Yellow is World/Hands.  With our hands we can serve.  You are more than a volunteer you are a team of servants for the Kingdom.  You are expanding the Kingdom by filling backpacks with food, teaching Connect kids classes or helping someone in the building from the parking lot.  We are all the hands and feet of Christ.  You start this by joining a serve team, leading a serve team and then everything you do becomes serving others.

Serving becomes Worship and the cycle starts over.   We are in a constant state of change because “GROWING PEOPLE CHANGE”.


13 + 12 =

A Church’s success quotient is defined by its love and influence. FAVOR WITH ALL THE PEOPLE. (ACTS 2:47) This only is possible when we stop going to church. BE. I don’t go to church, I am the church. Whether you are here or there! People who are the church will want and desire to recharge and be recharged. Benefits of Corporate Worship/study/relationships….these lead to personal ministry. God will not grow our church beyond our ability to disciple people. People are not discipled in a pew. They are educated in a pew. People are discipled in smaller community. So as a church, called to disciple people, as people we are called to disciple the community…we should be creating environments where people self learn and process for themselves. LOOK IT!

Why Small Groups? 

Acts 2:46 And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes,(house to house) they received their food with glad and generous hearts. 

You’ve heard me talk about this before…What did the church do without curriculum?        

Often we let curriculum set the stage for what we will do, study, produce, think, etc…  Sometimes we need to practice our faith…  Connect Groups allow us to do that.  Our leaders think for themselves and help disciple us for our common good and His common glory. In corporate relationships we watch, listen and learn…In good Connect Groups we learn to practice, process and apply those things.  In personal influence we do the giving away.

The thing that we discover when we look at the church in the book of Acts is that small groups have been around since the very beginning of the church. The early church recognized they could not meet every need in a formal corporate worship setting. They would go to the Temple to worship corporately, but then they would meet in private homes through the week for instruction, prayer and to celebrate life. So they had this concept of big church and little church. Big church, or what happened at the Temple, and little church what happened through the week. Each served a distinct yet complementary purpose in the life of the early church.


Corporate relationships – Daily relationships…lead to personal daily ministry…

John 13:35, Jesus said, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

But the best motivation for action is always going to be….But the best motivation for action is always going to be….LOVE –There is no greater way to display the love of Christ than in missional, relational communities.        Here (at church) and There (outside church) People will not move into the application phase until they are loved in the corporate phase!  



We are commanded to worship God energetically with everything we have. We are commanded to recruit people to worship. We are commanded to declare that all of creation should be a worshipper. True worship is selfless and if in Spirit desires to be in Truth. We cultivate a desire for more truth. We study Corporately and we study personally. This pursuit of truth produces a desire for relationship and connections with facilitate application of truth. Testing ground if you will. We process in smaller connections, we serve in smaller connection, we share honestly through prayer and sharing needs through smaller connection. Bur the goal of everything we do is to help others find and follow Jesus.


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