In eternity past, the Son of God volunteered to give His life away to those who did/do not deserve it. Volunteerism is one of the greatest forms of service one can give to another.  The root attribute of volunteerism must be love.  Love is the only proper motivation for service to others. Because God is love, He serves as our greatest example for volunteerism.  Further, because our life is wrapped up in Him and His love, we also ought to be motivated to volunteer as well.  We should find ways of giving ourselves away to others.

Find Meaningful Ministry

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” – John 13:35. 

As a church, we provide many opportunities to demonstrate discipleship by loving others and finding meaningful ministry.

If you would like to be a part of any of these ministry teams, please read through the descriptions and choose the team or teams that fits you.  Each team is in one of our core values.


PA/Sound Technician

Most events held in our church facility require the use of PA or camera equipment.  Therefore, we must supply workers for many occasions. We are always looking for new operators that are interested in receiving training and joining our team.

Computer/Media Technician (Training Provided)

In addition to the PA system being used for many occasions, our Computer/Media equipment is a critical part of our congregational gatherings. Our workers operate our media computer and projectors, using ProPresenter worship software to enable our congregation to passionately participate during worship.  We always seek the opportunity of adding members to this important ministry team.

Connection Point (Training & Resources Provided)

Integral to our success in discipleship is the ability to connect people to opportunities.  Our Connection Team will serve on a rotation in our front lobby. They will greet folks with questions and connect guests with opportunities.

Greeter (Training Provided)

We want to be known as the friendliest church in town.  Primarily our First Impressions will realize this.  Our greeters will be the first faces guests see when they attend.  Greeters are asked to serve at one of our entrances for our Gatherings on Sunday morning.


A volunteer team of musicians leads most of our worship gatherings. Perhaps you have been blessed with the ability to play one or more instruments, or even the ability to sing solos and lead worship.  We are always in need of servant-hearted musicians that can skillfully perform while seeking to establish an atmosphere in which our congregation can encounter the Lord and give Him praise.


Ushers serve as greeters to worshippers as they enter the Sanctuary.  Ushers will assist in any way needed.  This may include helping with seats and/or answering any questions. The ushers will also be responsible for receiving the weekly tithes and offerings.

Sunday Hospitality Team Member

These individuals will be charged with the task of making sure the Welcome Lobby area is inviting, with freshly brewed coffee, clean tables and (optional) snack items.  They would also interact with guests and be available to direct them to the Connection Point if there are additional needs to be addressed.

Parking Lot Greeters/Attendants

These individuals will greet people in the parking lot and, if necessary, direct newcomers to the appropriate entrance to best meet their needs. In the event of inclement weather, they will provide umbrella assistance to the door from their vehicle.



Children’s Ministry Leader

One of our greatest opportunities to impact the Kingdom of God is to give ourselves away to the next generation. We need committed adults who not only serve a role but also will see the opportunities as a calling to ministry.

New Believer Mentors (Training & Resources Provided)

After receiving training, a mentor will be available to meet with a new Believer to take them through a study that lays a solid foundation for their ongoing discipleship.

Truth Academy Bible Study Leader (Curriculum Guides Provided)

The Bible Study Leader will use curriculum provided and lead a weekly Bible study group on Sunday mornings.  He or she will endeavor to teach and lead discussions surrounding the topics/passages that will encourage the participants to grown in their faith and understanding of God’s Word.  Detailed curriculum guides are provided.  The leader will also do regular follow-up on absentees and engage participants in opportunities to reach out as well.  The leader will always be encouraging participants to become a part of a Connect Group as well.


DivorceCare Mentor

After receiving training, mentors will be available to meet with individuals either going through divorce, or recently having experienced divorce, to support and prepare him/her for the practical, relational and spiritual challenges that they will face.  The focus will be on applying Biblical principles to the situation and help the individual center upon their relationship with Jesus Christ.

GriefShare Mentor

After receiving training, mentors will be available to meet with individuals who have recently lost someone to death.  Through support, biblical insight and practical instruction, the mentor will help the grieving individual learn how to grieve well and adjust to life in a new paradigm.

Marriage Mentors (Training & Resources Provided)

After receiving training, a mentoring couple will be available to meet periodically with a newly married couple to mentor them in their marriage, helping them develop healthy parameters that will strengthen their marriage for years to come.

Financial Mentors (Training & Resources Provided)

After receiving training, a mentor(s) will meet with couples or individuals to help them develop healthy, biblical standards and practices for becoming good stewards of their finances.

Parenting Mentors (Training & Resources Provided)

After receiving training, parenting mentors will be available to meet periodically with new (or relatively new) parents, helping them develop biblical parenting skills and strategies that will instill Truth and values into their children.

Single-Parenting Mentors (Training & Resources Provided)

After receiving training, single-parenting mentors will be available to meet periodically with a single parent to support and provide skills and insights unique to their particular situation as a single parent.

Connect Group Leader (Training & Resources Provided)

The Connect Group Leader will commit to leading, at least, bi-weekly gatherings of a group, recruiting potential members, using the Leaders’ Guide to guide discussion and facilitate the involvement of group members in providing hosting, ministry and outreach activities.


Small Maintenance

We are always looking for folks who can do a little paint touch up or minor improvements to the facility. Occasionally, we have opportunities to help shut-ins or handicapped with small maintenance as well.


We desire for our facility to glorify the Lord.  We do that best when we feel good about how it looks.  The aesthetic team assists us in picking our colors and/or decorations so that our building is pleasing to the eye and not a distraction to worship.

Hospitality Team

This team is activated when our church has social events that include food and food preparation.  We provide weekly meals each Wednesday evening and throughout the year during small and church-wide events.  This team will be responsible for keeping up with whom and how the kitchen is used, making sure we are maximizing our opportunities.


One of the first things worshippers (including guests) see when they arrive onto our campus is our landscape. How we take care of what God has blessed us with is important and speaks to what we think of Him. Let us know If you would like to help with flower bed maintenance.

Prayer Team (Training Provided)

Each week Connect Church receives prayer requests.  We always want to be good stewards of each of them.  The Prayer Team will make sure that those requests receive follow up calls. They may also plan Prayer Events that call our church to special times of prayer.

General Office Volunteer

Bigger projects require bigger help. When we are preparing for events/directories and such, we need all the help we can get.  Mostly this is monotonous work that needs to be done, but requires little experience.

Facilities Management Team

Members of this team will work to assure our facilities are the best they can be to support our ministry needs and bring glory to God. Through planning and orchestrating routine maintenance and determining needs for improvement, they will continually provide for practical ministry support and aesthetic appeal.

Mission/Service Team

Giving the Gospel away is the lifeblood of what we attempt to do.  Not only next-door but around the world, the need is great.  If you would like to help us provide awareness to our church, we want you on the team.

Special Event Team

This team will plan and organize special events for the purpose of fellowship on a quarterly basis.  They will work in conjunction with the Hospitality Team to coordinate events that will encourage relationships within the church body and point people toward celebration of our lives together.  On occasion, the team may be asked to partner with pastors and the Hospitality Team for a special event that has a different scope in the overall ministry.

Transportation Volunteer

We get calls from attendees and or people from our community that need transportation from time to time. This may mean across town or an appointment in Little Rock.  Sometimes it means a ride to our church.

Connect Kids, Students or Verge Ministry Helper

We often need replacements and fill-ins for our children’s classes.  Our teachers need helpers to assist in a variety of ways.  We are always looking to utilize those willing to help.

Crawford Crew

With Crawford Elementary across the street from our church it gives us several ministry opportunities. We feed children each weekend through the backpack program.  We also offer food to homes during school breaks (Spring break, Summer, Christmas break). We are always looking for opportunities to engage the families of Crawford, to build relationships between our church and their home.  This team helps strategize those opportunities.

Creative Team

On the Creative Team there are so many options.  You could film, build set design, paint on canvas, the sky is the limit.  Email to see your fit.


If you can provide of other serve opportunities not listed here, please contact our office and we will find a place for you to use your gifts and talents.

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