RKC-headerThese are our friends Robert and Karen. They have been at Connect Church for two years! We had a chance to get their thoughts on serving at Connect Church after our recent VBS.

What have you learned about yourself and about others through serving at Connect Church? 
“Serving is a blessing to all including myself and I’m pretty good at it! There is nothing to be nervous about. Seeing just how many people are involved was a very encouraging thing to see. 

Serving has made an impact on me spiritually and emotionally. It has made me feel a part of these kids lives, no matter how briefly. I keep hoping I’m going to run into them while at work or just around town. I miss them already! 

One memorable moment at VBS was getting beat down by the 3rd and 4th graders with pool noodles. It actually hurt, but how can you tell all these kids to stop when they are having so much fun?”

If you could encourage someone else to serve at our church, what would you say? 
“Don’t just put a toe in the water, DIVE IN! It’s rewarding in every way. Forging friendships and working with others for God’s Kingdom is so unbelievably satisfying.” 

We are so thankful to have you and your family as part of our church family!