This Jr. Retreat, we are going to see some crazy things, play some fun games and learn how to WISE UP from God’s Word. As we teach kids four different proverbs, they will see that being wise means making the choice God wants us to make.

By the end of the weekend we want kids to desire and know how to make wise choices so that their hearts will stay on the right path.

Departure time: Friday, November 10th (Meet @ 1:00pm in church parking lot. Leave from church parking lot @ 2:00pm for New Life Ranch)

Departure time: Sunday, November 12th (1:30pm from NLR to meet parents at 4:30pm in church parking lot)

Cost: $95.00per student (additional sibling’s $85.00 ea.) includes Two nights lodging 6 meals.

What to bring: good attitude! Bible, notebook, SLEEPING BAG, blanket, pillow, wash-cloths, Towels, Toiletries, PJ’s, toothbrush, toothpaste, change of clothes, extra shoes, JACKET.

Parents: Supper will be provided on Friday evening!

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS Sunday, November 5, 2017

FRIDAY, Nov. 10th

1:00pm – meet in church parking lot                      Sunday, Nov. 12th 

2:00pm – Leave for NLR, OK                                      7:00am – Wake- up!!!!

5:30pm – Supper                                                         8:00am – Breakfast

6:30pm – Assign Cabins                                            9:00am – S. S.

7:00pm – Student Meeting                                        10:00am – P & W – (Chapel)

7:30pm – The UNKNOWN?                                         11:30am – Pack & Load!

10:00pm – Prepare for Bed                                   12:00pm – Lunch

10:30pm – Lights OUT!                                             1:30pm – On the Road!

Saturday, Nov. 11th

7:00am – Rise and Shine!

8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – God & I Time

11:00am –Session #1

12:00pm – LUNCH

1:00pm – Outside activities, Screamer, Archery, Zip Line!

4:30pm – Clean up for Supper!

5:30pm – SUPPER!

6:30pm – Clean-up & prepare for Night Session

7:00pm – P & W – (Chapel)

8:30pm – Campfire & marshmallows (Fun Time)

9:30pm – Prepare for Bed

10:00pm – Lights OUT!