My name is Joe Looper. 

I am not usually an outgoing person. Not being raised in church and starting to attend later in life, I did not have a lot of confidence to share God’s word. A couple of years ago I put it in God’s hands to guide me in what He wanted me to do, as I was feeling a burden on my heart. During that time I had a chance to help some people that were having tough times.

About 18 months ago I got a message one night from one of these individuals thanking me for believing in them and not giving up on them. They had been clean of all addictions and had started attending church. They said they finally understand what I shared and that they could win the battle by placing their faith in God. Now they are in church and are working on letting God guide their life.

On another occasion a person came to our church one Sunday morning. They gave me a hug and told me thank you for being there for them a few years ago and caring for what they were going through at the time.

I believe God uses me by taking my experiences and my faith in Him to allow me to talk with them and share the right words of my hope in Christ.

One thing I ask in my prayers is for God to let me have the courage and be willing to see when the opportunities arise for me to share His word or to be an example. People are watching us in our actions as we go about our daily lives and in what we share and how we act on social media.

The first thing I do in the morning is to read and share the 24/7 Faith post. This starts me in the right frame of mind for prayer before leaving for work. I also realized that this post and a few select meaningful posts that share God’s word or stories of His word or actions in others lives, may be all that some people receive of God’s word during their day.

Reading and sharing the 24/7 Faith post and joining a Connect Group has really helped me grow and to be more outgoing and intentional in sharing or volunteering to help others in need. I now find myself helping people when they are having troubles and people are even coming up to me during my walks or in stores giving me more opportunities to meet people. Sometimes just telling someone that you will pray for them, you can see them relax and light up!

I have my personal struggles that I work through and I know I still have much to learn and room to grow, but as long as I look to the cross and let Christ be my guide, then I will be more than ok.

Joe Looper