Safety of you and the families coming to get food is important.  That is why we ask that you please wear a mask if you are in direct contact with clients per River Valley Food.

Tuesday Food Training

If you registered for serving on Tuesdays please be at the Crawford Elementary  front office area at 10:20am for food delivery River Valley Food. 

When someone comes through the drive thru we will ask to view their ID and then cross check it with the list that River Valley Food supplies.  Give them a box of food provided.  Each week will be recieve different food so the determined amount of food will be told to us the day of.

 Please wear a mask if you are in direct contact with the clients.

Thank you so much for everything you do.  We love this community and love being a partner to the families around us.  We are here not to just serve food, but we are here to be a beacon of hope.  We know that hope is Jesus and it is our job to share that comfort with others.  We are FOR each one of the families that we come in to contact with.  Please be in prayer every day for the people that will come through every day for food and also just to see your smiling face.

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