Connect U

4 steps to help you KNOW who we are, GROW with one another, DISCOVER the gifts God has given you and GO and use those gifts in the local church to strengthen the body!

4 steps


KNOW who we are….

This step will give you the knowledge of Connect Church and our history, our identity and our mandate.  This is a great place to ask questions about doctrine and what we believe in.   At the end of this step you will have the opportunity to join the church in membership.

STEP 2. 

GROW with one another…

This step we will dive deep into our core values.  Worship, Word, Walk and World.  Why connections are important and why we exist is to HELP PEOPLE FIND AND FOLLOW JESUS!

STEP 3. 

DISCOVER the gifts God has given you…

This step we will take some time to discuss spiritual gifts and how to apply that to our life.  We will take a test that will determine what our top 3 spiritual gifts are as well as a test that will determine your leadership voice.  When you are aware of the gifts and leadership God has given you, you can be more equipped to implement them into ministry.

STEP 4. 

GO and use your gifts….

This step we will analyze the gifts and voices tests and match them up with ministry teams at Connect Church.  This will be a great time to ask questions about specific ministries that you would like to be a part of and to look at yours gifts to see if God has crafted you to be in a certain role.

Learn who were are

Here is a quick video to give you a sneak peak!


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