This is April Millsaps. April has been at Connect Church for 31 years! Chances are good that you’ve run into April, if you have children in our Connect Kids programming. She is no stranger to serving at Connect Church.

“Through serving at our church, I’ve learned what my strengths and weaknesses are in ministry. For example – I’ve learned that I work best with 2-5year olds and not so great with elementary age students (and not at all with teens) and I’ve learned, that is okay. I’ve learned how to work with others and how to better understand others despite our differences. I’ve learned acceptance and patience and teamwork. I’ve learned to love some that were seemingly unlovable and I’ve learned that changing dirty diapers and being used as a Kleenex is more rewarding than it is disgusting.You can learn a lot from a child. They desire to learn and they ask questions freely – even ones adults may be afraid to ask. They love unconditionally and live life at full capacity and they find joy in the little things. At VBS this past week we had an entire table of preschoolers laughing and screeching in delight because a fly was flying around and landing on their heads! I don’t know a single adult that would have done that.

One of my favorite moments when working in Preschool is when we are talking about our lesson and they remember what we’ve studied before and get excited about being the one to answer the questions. 

But I think my favorite moments are when students, past and present, come running to me to give me a hug because they loved being in class and remember that I loved on them. That’s a great reminder of why we serve through the struggles and a great encouragement to keep serving.

Everyone has a gift, a talent or an ability that can be used to serve in some capacity, and you won’t know what that is until you start serving. Try out different areas. Maybe one area isn’t for you, that’s fine – take what you’ve learned from that experience and try serving in another area until you’ve found where you can serve best. And don’t think that serving in Preschool is all diaper changing and teaching Bible lessons. Sometimes it’s just acting goofy and making sure kids don’t fall off the playground equipment. Ask the ministry leaders what they need – tell them what you are good at and they will help you find a place that suits you. Maybe they need copies made or a cabinet built or a classroom painted or someone to stand at the door and direct traffic. There are so many things that can be done that are ways of serving – all you have to do is ask and give it a try! It’s so rewarding and you’ll be glad that you did it.”

Thank you April for the iMPACT you continue to make!