When I was young I would tell my grandmother that I wanted to be baptized. She would tell me that you need to really know what your doing before you make that decision. So I went to church every Sunday to learn more and more. I got baptized the first time when I was 9.

Looking back on my life now, God has brought me a long way. I didn’t understand Him like I do now and that is why I decided to get baptized again in 2016. When I was older, God spoke to me once again about Baptism. I know more about Him now, than ever before, so being baptized again was something I had to do.

The Holy Spirit touched me after being baptized. Taking that next step gave me confidence and made me stronger in Christ.

I didn’t realize how much I would want to seek and learn more about Christ. I feel like I just know him more. I’m closer.

If you are thinking of being baptized… go for it. If God has spoken to you, if the Holy Spirit has spoken to you… listen to Him and follow that next step!

To a person my age that was baptized young and didn’t really know Jesus and then grew in Christ later in life, being baptized, for me, was necessary to show everyone how much I have grown in Him.

Addierene Tisby