567 Serve Weekend

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Serve weekend is where our 567 students will come together and serve on the mission field in our hometown. We’ll go into our community sharing the Gospel and love of Jesus by working with local ministry partners. We’ll grow together. We’ll serve together. And yeah…we’ll have some fun too.

Our mandate is to ‘help people find and follow Jesus’. This is a great opportunity for our students to continue learning how to be the hands and feet of Jesus for the people in our community.

We’re looking forward to making and impact in the lives of those that we serve while knowing the impact it will have on our students.

August 3rd – 5th


Meet at the church Friday morning on the August 3rd at 8am.

August 3rd we will serve at the church property and visit some of our people that our homebound in the church.

Then we will head to Mrs. Linda Flake’s house and swim in her pool.

Once we get settled into our host homes we will then debrief/hangout.


August 4th

We will serve with the Russ bus then we will then go to the skate station.

Games and Dinner at the Church then return to the host homes for debrief/hangout.

August 5th

Everybody gets ready for church!


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