What to Expect?

On Sunday Mornings, our worship is led by our Worship band and choir made up of guitars, drums and an ensemble of voices becoming the lead. The atmosphere is informal and contemporary, while still incorporating well-loved hymns and choruses.

  Here are some samples of what you might expect to hear THIS Sunday Morning:

The preached message and worship is the same in both gatherings. We preach the inerrant/infallible Word of God. We do not pass off our opinions or theories as truth. We rely on God's Word/Bible to be our Truth for every situation. The messages are relevant, practical and made applicable to our everyday life. Regardless of which gathering you choose, God will bless you through His presence.

We have other opportunities for adults and children that take place during both services. Most people determine which worship gathering to attend, by when other Bible studies and classes that speak to a particular need in their life.


If you would like to join the Worship Team contact Chris Lauckner by email or phone