Going to a new church can be awkward when you do not know what to expect. Let us give you a "heads up," about what you can expect when you join us at Connect Church.

We Gather for God

People go to church for different reasons. Even churches have different purposes for existing. The primary reason we gather on Sundays is to worship the God who offers the forgiveness of sins, the restoration of our humanity, and redemption for the world through Jesus Christ. In other words, it is more about Him than it is about us. However, by gathering, we gain a better understanding of ourselves. In a normal service, we will sing about Him and to Him. Our pastor will teach us about Him, and our hope is that everyone will encounter and connect with Him in a personal and life-transforming way.

What does worship time usually look like?

Pretty simple, actually... We sing, worship together, and hear God's Word taught with relevant application. We value being authentic and real. We realize ultimately everything we do is about worshipping our Savior Jesus Christ.

What should I wear?

When you visit Connect Church, you will find that we are not an overly formal church. We expect people to dress however they see fit. For some that may mean a tie, for others it means jeans.

Are there programs for young people?

We have an active Children's Ministry. The teens have Youth services, and the little ones have the Pre-school which provides classes for ages birth through Kindergarten during all worship services. You are welcome to ask any questions you would like to our Children and Families Pastor Joel Lauckner or Students and Families Pastor Blake Jordan. You can find out more about our beliefs here.

Do I have to give money?

Let God direct your heart when it comes to giving financially. Financially supporting First Church is ultimately an act of worship to God for those who are committed to the Connect Church vision and mission. We certainly have no expectation of you giving financially as a guest.

How can I get involved?

There are so many ways to get connected at Connect Church. The first thing we invite you to do is join a Small Group (we call them Life Connection Groups). We believe that one of the best ways to strengthen your walk with Christ is to get involved with a small group. We have many groups at Connect Church that will enable you to grow not only in God's Word, but also to share and uplift others for God's glory. We also have Truth Connection (Bible Studies) on Sunday and Wednesday that will equip you for your journey.

What kind of people make up Connect Church?

What you'll encounter when you attend Connect Church is a diverse biblical community where people seek to know and love God, live in community with others and transform the world by serving our community as we think Christ would. Practically speaking, that means some of us are just checking out Christianity for the first time, while others have been in church their whole lives. Connect Church members span all different ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to join us as we worship.

Is Connect Church affiliated with any group or organization?

Connect Church is affiliated with the National Association of Free Will Baptists. The roots of Free Will Baptists are easily traced to the time that our nation was founded and beyond. The Bible and the redemptive work of Jesus have always been at the center of Free Will Baptist movement. Connect Church cherishes our traditions of faith. At the same time, our goal is not to reproduce denominational loyalty, but to reach out to people who are moving toward a personal, growing faith in Jesus Christ. You may never have been a part of a Free Will Baptist Church. Still, we invite you to walk with us in building a church that focuses on the highest goals of the kingdom of Christ. You can find out more about Free Will Baptist and what our church in particular believes at the About page.