We are so glad you are here.  We hope to meet you soon and begin growing toward Christ together through Worship, His Word, our Walk, and serving the World together.  While you're here consider yourselves family…



We want to be here for you, pray for you and stand with you, so please take a moment go to

and fill out the Connection form.  You can also fill this out through a tab found in our Weekly Bulletin.  Take that tab to the Connection Point in the lobby after the service.  We will have a free gift for you there.  You can also place the tab in the offering plate at the end of the service.  This will provide us the opportunity to give you more info than the snapshot you will see on the web or in any isolated visit to our campus.




To stay connected, make sure you’ve liked us on facebook.

and Checked In at Connect Church to let your friends know where you are Connecting with God, the Bible and others for worship, growth and service. 

Sign up for emails or preferably register an account on our Website so that you can keep updated on upcoming opportunities or any schedule changes.


You will also find on our website ways to give financially even when you are not here so that ministry to others can continue.





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